Build, Excel, Sustain: A Look at 2019 Assessment Results

At BES, we believe that excellent school leaders hold themselves and their teams accountable for results. Results that will help these leaders close the opportunity gap for more than 58,000 students. When we changed our name from Building Excellent Schools to BES, we committed to go beyond building new schools, to help schools inside and outside the BES network excel academically and sustain their success over time.

During the 2018-19 school year, 150 schools founded by BES Fellows in 21 states and Washington D.C. took their state’s assessment, and the results are in. In math, 61% of schools outperformed their surrounding district average. 41% of schools outperformed the district by 10 percentage points or more. In English language arts (ELA), more than half (53%) of schools outperformed their surrounding district average, and more than a third of schools (35%) outperformed this average by 10 percentage points or more.

In communities across the country, committed leaders and their teams are working to deliver on the promise of an excellent education for every child. We’re proud to recognize the following 71 schools for their strong academic performance in 2019. These schools outperformed their district by 10 percentage points or more on ELA and/or math assessments. 48 of these BES Fellow-founded schools (highlighted with a star in the list below) have achieved this outperformance for two years in a row.

Many BES Fellow-founded schools also received national, state, or local recognition this year for outstanding performance and leadership: 

As we reflect on the past year, we are encouraged and energized by the excellence and the growth we see, while remaining keenly aware of the work yet to be done. We are committed to doing this work alongside leaders and schools looking to build their bench, improve student outcomes, and deepen or widen their impact. See how we plan to do that here, and read more about the impact of all of our work at BES here.