The 2021 BES Fellowship

Application Process

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In 2019, just 22% of West Contra Costa Unified students met state assessment standards in ELA, with just 14% meeting standards in math.
THE BAY AREA NEEDS YOU. ~ See data source

We are also currently exploring the following regions for the 2021 Fellowship:

Alabama New York (outside of NYC) Providence, Rhode Island South Carolina

If you’re interested in discussing the potential to found a school in one of these regions, click here to connect with a recruiter. Don’t see your region of interest listed? Click here to tell us more about the community you would like to serve.

Welcome to the new application process for the BES Fellowship aimed at creating an equitable, inclusive, and uplifting experience for candidates as part of our efforts to become an anti-racist organization. The five application steps are designed to understand a candidate’s vision for and beliefs about excellent schools and gain a clear sense of their leadership strengths.

  • Pre-Application: Get To Know Us

    Whether you are a new or returning applicant, we encourage you to upload your resume here, and a recruiter will get in touch with you within 2-3 days to schedule an informational phone call. This is the perfect opportunity to learn what’s new about the 2021 selection process and Fellowship experience before submitting a formal application.

  • Step One: Online Application

    Next, we’d like to learn about you through our online application. The application consists of questions about your background, qualifications, vision for a school, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The application takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. Note that you will not be able to save your work and return, so the online application must be completed in one sitting. 

    Time between steps 1-2: Approximately 1 week

  • Step Two: Video Submission

    After BES reviews your online application and resume, you may be invited to participate in a video interview, answering a series of questions via webcam from the point of view of a proposed school leader. This step typically takes approximately 45-75 minutes. Candidates are advised to be in a quiet place. This does not need to be scheduled and requires no preparation.

    Time between steps 2-3: Approximately 1-3 weeks

  • Step Three: Initial Virtual Interview

    After BES reviews video interview submissions, select candidates are invited to participate in a 45-60 minute Zoom interview with members of the selection committee. In preparation for this interview, candidates are asked to do pre-work to learn more about their proposed region and their rationale for their school model.  

    Time between steps 3-4: Approximately 2-6 weeks

  • Step Four: Final Virtual Interview

    After the first Zoom interview, select applicants will be invited to participate in the final interview process, which consists of a virtual group case study facilitated by two members of the BES Fellowship team; pre-work for your final individual interview; and a final individual, virtual interview with members of the BES Leadership team and/or the BES Fellowship team.

    Time between steps 4-5: Approximately 2-4 weeks

  • Step Five: Interview with Funder or Partner (select candidates)

    Depending on the Fellowship track and/or region, candidates may be asked to interview with local partners or funders before a final decision is made. In these instances, the selection of a candidate is a mutual decision between BES and the partner organization, with BES managing the process to ensure consistency and equity.

    Please email with questions about the application process.

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