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As of 2019, just 32% of Denver’s fourth graders showed proficiency in reading with 35% proficiency in math. Only 29% of eighth graders were considered proficient in reading and math.

This five-step process is designed to understand your vision for and beliefs about excellent schools and gain a true sense of your leadership strengths.

  • Step One: Get To Know Us

    If you are not familiar with BES and would like to learn more from one of our recruiters, please upload your resume here and a recruiter will reach out to you.

  • Step Two: Online Application

    Next, we’d like to learn about you through our online application—a series of questions designed to inform us about your leadership style and your ideal school design. This is the first step in the application process and will take you approximately 60 minutes to complete. At this time, you will also be prompted to submit introductory information and upload your resume.

    You will not be able to save your work and return, so the online application must be completed in one sitting. Once your initial application is submitted, you will hear back from BES within one week. If you move forward to the next step in the selection process, you will receive a video interview link within one week.

    Note that we have completed hiring for the 2020 BES Fellowship. We are currently only accepting applications for the BES Fellowship in Denver, CO, with an anticipated start date no later than January 2021.

    The new 2021 Fellowship application will open in October, and we will announce available regions at that time.

  • Step Three: Video Interview

    After BES reviews your online application and resume, select candidates will be invited to participate in a video interview, answering questions via webcam from the point of view of a charter school leader. This step typically takes 30-60 minutes. Candidates are advised to be in a quiet place. This does not need to be scheduled and requires no preparation.

  • Step Four: Phone Interviews

    Once BES reviews formal applications, select candidates are invited to participate in a series of phone interviews with members of the selection committee. Each interview is between 20-45 minutes long and focuses on getting to know your vision for a school and who you are as a leader in more depth. There is no preparation required for phone interviews. Select applicants are asked to participate in an in-person interview with members of the committee.

  • Step Five: In-Person Interview

    The final step is an in-person interview in Boston (or remote depending on travel restrictions). This individual interview is rigorous and intense – as is the work of founding a school. Members of the selection committee will look for humility, ability to articulate a clear vision of a school that aligns with the BES approach, persistence, and strong entrepreneurial instincts.

    Please email with questions about the application process.

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