BES Launches Leadership Intensives

Over the past ten years, BES has offered Weekend Warriors, a program that provided a two-day taste of BES training and school study. This year, we have re-envisioned our two-day training, delivering on the promise of a quality education for every student by focusing on a key lever that underpins every successful school – excellent leadership.

We are proud to roll out Leadership Intensives, which bring a laser focus to the growth of school leadership, across Instruction, Operations, and Talent, and continue the strong study of transformational schools.

In developing Leadership Intensives, we are guided by four questions:

As leaders, how do we ensure that we continue to network with others who are successfully delivering quality education in our communities, strategically learning from one another and continuously exposing ourselves to high-quality work around the nation? We believe in the power of “thin slicing” what is working in strong schools to continuously grow our schools, our teams, and our leadership.

As leaders, how do we ensure that we develop the instructional coaching self-awareness, lens, and voice needed to effectively grow teachers every day? We know that the quality of teachers in our classrooms matters more than any other variable in our students’ success. But strong teachers are not born – they are made, and they are made through impactful teacher coaching and Instructional Leadership.

As leaders, how do we ensure that our school’s operational systems are mission-aligned and directly supporting the ambitious goals we hold for our students?  We know that the role of operations is to protect the central function of school –  students effectively learning and teachers impactfully teaching. But operational excellence is no accident; it is a targeted goal and requires Operational Leadership.

As leaders, how do we ensure that we have the talent each year and over time needed to deliver on our mission? We know that the recruitment, hiring, and retention of a strong team is one of the most vital responsibilities of a successful school. We need to construct ways to win within a competitive talent marketplace – and that takes Talent Leadership.

We believe in the power of developing a leadership mindset across multiple layers within a school. Geared toward current and aspiring leaders across multiple roles within a school’s organization (Principals, Directors, Managers, Deans, Coaches), BES Leadership Intensives provide targeted training in Instructional, Operational, and Talent Leadership, and guided thin-slicing of successful schools.

Learn more about upcoming Leadership Intensives and sign up here.