Ambika Dani

“I emphatically believe that access to high-quality education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty for many low-income families, and that it is a fundamental right for all children. My time as an educator has shown me the powerful, positive impact that a school and the people involved in that school can make on the life of a child. I truly believe that there is nothing more important than helping children succeed.”

Ambika Dani discovered the impact of a good education at 14 years old, in Lagos, Nigeria, when she gathered a group of underserved children to help supplement the education they were receiving: “I became keenly aware of the disparities in access to quality education and devoted myself to remedying this grave injustice.”

Ambika comes from a strong mathematics background. During her undergraduate years at Columbia, she provided SAT tutoring and additional after-school support to low-income students on a volunteer basis. Following her graduation with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, she spent six years teaching the subject to various grades in both charter and private schools. These opportunities helped her recognize high-quality, effective instruction and made her further appreciate how rare it is. Most recently, Ambika was the SAT Math Team Lead at UWorld, where she developed a product to provide students with low-cost, high-quality SAT prep material to level the playing-field for low income test-takers.

Ambika will continue to fight against the disparities that have driven her as an educator, through the high-quality, college-preparatory charter school she will found and lead for the students of San Antonio, Texas.