Arielle J. Peterson

Arielle Peterson has imagined opening her own school since she was a child and is excited to make that dream a reality in Buffalo, New York: “I want to design a school that will nurture and challenge elementary students to be college prepared. There is no better form of investing in our nation’s collective well-being than an efficient educational space for children.”

As a Teach For America corps member, Arielle worked in New Jersey before becoming a corps member advisor at the Philadelphia Institute. There she served as an academic instructional coach for 16 corps members, facilitating professional development sessions centered on teaching lower elementary in urban settings. Arielle went on to be an English teacher at Eagle Academy for Young Men of Newark and then a first grade teacher at a turnaround school. She also served as the first-ever Extended Learning Program Manager at an early childhood center developing afterschool enrichment programs for preschool students. Most recently, Arielle worked in the Office of Special Education at Newark Public Schools, providing professional development and consulting teachers on the development and execution of IEPs in early education. She believes that “educators have the unique privilege of bridging the gap from students’ aspirations and potential to opportunity and achievement,” and she is determined to do just that for the students of Buffalo.

Arielle has a Bachelor of Arts from Spelman College and a Master of Education Administration from Caldwell University.