Beatriz Gutierrez

Driven to ensure that every child receives the education they deserve, Beatriz Gutierrez will found and lead a high-expectations charter school in Los Angeles, CA.

As a child, Beatriz was enrolled in the Lynwood Unified School district in California, a community very similar to the one where she will be founding a leading a school. As a Teach For America Corps member, she spent three years teaching in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Dallas, TX. During this time, she focused on developing her own abilities as an educator so that she reached every single student who walked through the door of her classroom.

After her tenure with TFA, Beatriz served as an instructional coach in the Dallas Independent School District, implementing a data-driven system for 25 teachers and 450 students, and leading weekly professional development for Pre-K to fifth grade teachers. She went on to become Dean of Instruction at Uplift. As a leader, Beatriz has consistently aimed at moving the needle even more for her scholars.

Her school will be goal-oriented, data-driven, and systematic. “I will utilize systems, goals, and data in approaching my decision-making and management, to design and lead an excellent school. Nothing drives me more than the desire to create a safe learning space for the scholars in the community I serve.” Many of us long to return to our hometowns, to the schools we attended. Beatriz will do just that when she founds her school in Lynwood.

Beatriz received a B.A. in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara.