Bianca Cabrera

“It is the mission of my school to empower all students to go to and get through college, and to enable them to shape the world around them by developing a love and appreciation for their community.”

Having experienced education inequity growing up, followed by work in poor school districts across the United States, Bianca Cabrera is inspired to create a school that will set her students up for success in education and in life.

Bianca began her career as a kindergarten teacher at the Community Day Arlington Elementary School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, before serving as a special education teacher at Gary Comer College Prep middle school in Chicago, Illinois. Bianca then moved to New York as an Education Policy Fellow at Advocates for Children. She also taught at Mott Hall Bronx High School and was most recently a teacher and SPED Coordinator at Achievement First Apollo Middle School. In addition, Bianca founded Goals Genius, an organization dedicated to adding meaning to IEPs for special education students. Goals Genius was awarded the 2017 Teach For America Social Innovation Award, won the 2017 Brooklyn SBA InnovateHer prize, and was accepted into the 4.0 Schools Fellowship. “No child should settle for an education that is anything but the best, no matter where they live,” is the mantra that will drive the school that Bianca founds in Brooklyn.

Bianca holds a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University and a Master of Science in Education, Students with Disabilities, from Brooklyn College.