Brittany Rumph

“Rochester is a clear illustration of the achievement and opportunity gaps that exist in our country today. I was once a student attending school in this struggling district, and I’m familiar with its challenges. Because of that experience, I refuse to accept that a child’s zip code should determine their future opportunities and success. I can inspire hope in my students, relating to them and their families in a way that others may not be able to.”

Brittany Rumph will build a strong, supportive team that is mission and data-driven to create a stable school environment where every minute is spent learning. She will measure success by academic growth and achievement, by students who are kind and hard-working, and by families who are invested and believe in the school. Brittany is excited to give back to her community: “I am a first-generation college graduate and have made it my life’s mission to positively impact as many Rochester students as possible and prepare them for college in ways that I was not.”

Most recently, Brittany was an Instructional Leader and fourth-grade teacher at Uncommon Schools’ Rochester Prep West Elementary. Before joining the Uncommon team, Brittany spent four years working in education at Action for a Better Community and Hillside Family of Agencies. She was a Teach Like a Champion Fellow, received two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Dance and Interdisciplinary Arts for Children from The College at Brockport, and holds a Master of Science in Inclusive Early Childhood Education from Nazareth College.