Brittney Jean-Louis

As a student, Brittney Jean-Louis (she/her/hers) had firsthand experience with the educational inequity that continues to plague low-income neighborhoods. The schools in her community were failing based on every metric, but she was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to a college-preparatory high school, which set her up for success in college and beyond. After seeing how her peers were impacted by the struggling schools they attended, she made it her mission to ensure there are quality school options for Houston students who are living in communities similar to her own.

Brittney’s proposed school includes a focus on social and emotional learning (SEL). Teachers will be trained on how to teach and reinforce SEL skills throughout the school day and will work with families on how to provide support in these areas at home. Along with best practices like data-driven instruction and inquiry-based learning, the school will also focus on community-builders such as advisories, college visits, and field trips aligned to the curriculum. As a former teacher and principal, Brittney understands the importance of building, developing, and retaining a strong staff. “Cultivating a culture of joy and engagement starts with the adults in the building. Our staff members will feel valued, challenged, and enthusiastic about our mission, which will be evident in their teaching.”

Brittney began her career in education at Match Charter Public High School as a math teacher and director of the Match Corps. She has gone on to serve as executive principal of Great Oaks Public Charter School in Bridgeport, CT as well as an AP calculus teacher and director of the Ninth Grade Academy at Boston Preparatory. She was most recently the school director at Central Brooklyn Ascend Middle School. Brittney holds a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Dartmouth College, a master’s in effective teaching from the Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education, and a master’s in business administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.