Katie Mazer

With a strong belief in her students’ potential, Katie Mazer will found and lead an excellent charter school in New York City.

Katie has devoted her entire professional career to improving access and opportunities for high-need populations. After completing her undergraduate degree, she joined Teach For America and moved to Oakland, CA to teach tenth and eleventh grade English. There, she co-authored a book with her students and integrated a mandatory college-preparatory course for all freshmen.

Next, Katie moved to Tel Aviv, Israel, where she opened three education centers to support 45 African refugee communities in acquiring language skills, finding employment, and ensuring the accessibility of higher education opportunities. Within the first semester, 100 percent of her students had jobs that required varying levels of English, clearly demonstrating the success of her curriculum in catering to the community’s diverse language needs.

Most recently, Katie served as the Dean of Students at Uncommon Schools, implementing school-wide structures, procedures, and routines, coaching teachers on effective classroom techniques, and upholding and sustaining a culture of warmth, high-expectations, and fast-paced efficiency for students and teachers alike. She is determined to channel her experience and drive into her own school, which will elevate the level of educational opportunity available to underserved students in New York.

Katie received a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.Ed. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.