Kennan Scott

Kennan Scott often asks himself the same question: What milestones show us that we are delivering on our promise, and students are achieving because of it? “I continually take time to reflect and innovate on the process of empowering my students. A comprehensive assessment of student progress ensures mastery of skills and attainment of goals. Data-driven, personalized instruction is necessary to help students be poised to become the next leaders.”

Kennan is a strong believer in the importance of workforce diversity. In the Bay Area, this means diversity in tech industries in particular. As a trained engineer himself, he sees how students struggle to recognize themselves in this industry, to see themselves as creators of the future. At his school, students will graduate with “competitive skills, tech-fluency, career supports, and a pipeline to experiential learning at the major tech companies in the community. The only way to empower underrepresented youth and bring a diverse way of thinking to the industry, is to make change through a world-class education.” For this reason, he founded and led CODEd Academy, where students are empowered to change the inequities in tech.

Kennan began his career as an engineer in Oakland. He was a Project Manager at San Jose State University and Gershoni, where he worked on public health, transportation, and website development, and hosted community events. In 2014 he shifted careers and became the lead engineering teacher at West Oakland Middle School. During this time, he served on the MakerEd Educator Advisory Committee and was selected to be an Agency by Design Fellow at Harvard University and a Thought Partner with Stanford University. Kennan holds a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University and a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from San Jose State University.