Nishita Gupte

Nishita Gupte is a forward-thinking educator who arms her students with an education for the real world.
After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, Nishita moved into the finance field with roles in investment banking at Goldman Sachs and at a private equity firm. She then returned to school, pursuing a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Education at Stanford University. Nishita put her degree to good use, joining Aspire Public Schools in Oakland, California and then The New Schools Venture Fund in San Francisco.

In 2011, Nishita was the founding COO of Touchstone Education (now a part of Matchbook Learning), where she helped to open a blended learning charter school in Newark, New Jersey. Nishita helped design and lead the school’s operations, IT, HR, and finance functions from charter authorization to a full-scale middle school. Nishita currently serves as a design consultant for Achievement First’s Greenfield School Design Team, tasked with creating an innovative new school model for Achievement First. With a focus on accelerated academics, habits of success, excellence in enrichment and expeditions, and an awesomely powerful community, the Greenfield model includes increased ownership and personalized learning for students. As Chief of Staff, Nishita leads project management, knowledge management, human capital, budget, and data and evaluation.

Nishita plans to found and lead a rigorous charter school in New York City, with a student body of “active and engaged citizens” ready for the future.