LeBaron McClary

LeBaron McClary took an unconventional path to arrive at his career in education. From the young age of 12, LeBaron was a professional dancer, performing for five U.S. Presidents and various heads of state. After graduating high school, he attended Juilliard, where he started a Black Student Union and organized the group’s first trip to Africa. It was during this trip, when he and his fellow students taught literacy and math alongside dance, that LeBaron discovered his passion for education.

“As a young black man from a low-income community who has had the opportunity to explore the world and experience things other people from my community could never dream of, I believe it is my obligation to share those experiences and findings with the next generation.” LeBaron will found and lead a school driven by this belief, and he will incorporate data-driven instruction, cultural responsiveness, and restorative practices into the school model.

LeBaron spent many years at the Harlem Children’s Zone, including as the Director of Programs and Operations, Network Instructional Coach, part of the High School/College Management Team, and as a high school English teacher. He most recently served as the Lead Youth Development Specialist at South Bronx Community Charter High School. LeBaron holds a Bachelor’s degree from Juilliard and a Master’s in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania.