Loren Colman

As a member of the East Dallas community for more than 10 years, Loren Colman has seen its challenges and is compelled and prepared to make positive change in her community. The Far East Dallas Community (also known as the “forgotten far East Dallas”), lacks resources in a variety of ways, having been labeled a food desert, recreation desert, child care desert, and medical desert. In addition, its schools serving primarily low-income populations continue to struggle to help students master grade level content. Loren is ready to embark on creating an equitable school experience that includes resources to close gaps for the community. In addition to being a long-time community member, Loren has more than 16 years of experience in education, including successfully leading a charter school in the far East Dallas community. “Students and families of the East Dallas community deserve better, and I am committed to the pursuit of equity for all, and I won’t stop until we achieve it.”

Before joining BES as a Character & Equity Fellow on the Community Co-Design track, Loren worked for Uplift Education in Dallas for the past 8 years as an assistant principal/dean and a principal leading schools in low income areas to close gaps for all kids, no matter their background or demographics. Previously, she worked as a 4th grade math and science teacher for Richardson ISD, and prior to this, she also spent time teaching 3rd grade at an expeditionary learning school, teaching special education resource and inclusion in a southeast Washington, DC charter school. She has also worked with TNTP to train teachers for several years. She received her Master’s in Educational Leadership in Urban Schools from Southern Methodist University and her Bachelor’s in K-12 Special Education Instruction from The University of Texas at Austin.