Mitchell Flax

“Our kids hold tremendous human capital to make our world better, and the achievement gap holds them back from sharing it. Because our urban schools don’t serve students the way they should, we have millions of people who could be great innovators, businesspeople, or researchers that never meet their full potential.”

A talented, analytical educator, Mitchell Flax has a proven track record for providing the targeted instruction and extra attention students need to succeed.

Mitchell joined Teach For America in 2009, following his graduation from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics. He spent the summer of 2010 in New York City supporting the operations for two school sites, but his two-year post was in Oakland, California. Out west, Mitchell taught algebra and geometry at Skyline High School. Under his direction, his students’ test scores increased significantly, earning him the nomination as a leading math teacher, acceptance into the Oakland Mathematics Leadership Network, and service on the district’s Common Core Standards Task Force. Mitchell’s drive led to his development and implementation of an intervention system targeting struggling students. Collaborating with three colleagues, Mitchell halted the downward spiral of six students, helping to reverse their failing grades.

After completing his assignment with TFA, Mitchell worked in People Analytics at Google, doing applied research on the drivers of happiness, health, and productivity for Google employees. In 2014 he headed back to the classroom, teaching biology and computer science at Leadership Public Schools in Richmond, California, while leading the ninth grade team, the science department, and the biology course team for the LPS network of schools.

Mitchell was part of the 2017-18 BES Fellowship cohort, and in fall 2019 he opened Valence College Prep in New York, New York.