Nicki Fox

Since Nicki Fox first stepped foot in the classroom, she held the ambition of leading a school where all students internalize lifelong learning habits, exercise effective critical-thinking skills, and develop strong moral character. Her vision is for a school that prepares students for success in the colleges and careers of their choice. Her school’s “relentless focus on excellence and achievement through high expectations, effective data-driven instruction, and a rigorous, literacy-based academic program will allow students to make intentional, informed decisions and to lead choice-filled lives.”

A Bay Area native and the child of first-generation college graduates, Nicki began her pursuit of contributing to equitable, excellent education for all as a Destination College Academic Counselor at Berkeley High School. She then joined Teach For America and spent the next four years at Leadership Public Schools Oakland R&D, where she taught chemistry, AP chemistry, and biology. Nicki became Dean of New Teacher Support and an Instructional Coach at Oakland Unity High School. Most recently, she worked as a Vice Principal at Impact Academy of Arts & Technology, where she and the leadership team drove and supported high-quality instruction and strong student and adult culture.

Nicki graduated from the University of California-Berkeley with degrees in American Studies and Southeast Asian Studies and has a Master’s degree in Urban Education from Loyola Marymount University.