Parker Couch

“I’m fueled by my unwavering belief that supporting and developing teachers is the key to raising student achievement. Actively creating sacred spaces for students to learn, and seeing them learn at the highest level, motivates me to do this work. As a new father, I understand now more than ever the heartfelt urgency to design and found an excellent, safe school. I want to start a school where I could one day proudly send my daughter.”

Parker Couch is an experienced school leader who served as School Director at a high-performing charter school in Memphis for the past four years. In this role, he led the school’s annual strategic planning process, managed six department directors, worked with various community partners on fundraising, and oversaw daily academic operations of the school. As Parker took on a larger role within the organization, he participated in the BES Leaders for Emerging Networks of Schools (LENS) program to develop his leadership voice, presence, and mindset. It was his experience with BES that led him to his next step: designing and founding his own excellent school. His objective: “Grounded in a classical, college prep approach, my students will learn how to read, write, and think at high levels.”

Parker holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Film Studies from the University of Georgia and was a Memphis Teaching Fellow.