Phillip Hon

Phillip Hon (he/him/his) is a first-generation college graduate from Stockton, CA who brings his experience in K-12 teaching and administration to found a school in his home community. “While the city of Stockton and its schools may appear diverse, my own educational experience revealed deeper issues of inequity. Too often, the classes and activities that I participated in were segregated by race and/or socioeconomic status. I believe that all families in Stockton deserve a high-quality school that allows their children to achieve and thrive.”

Phillip has worked with diverse communities across the country to address inequity in education. It’s important to him that students learn to celebrate differences among their peers and unpack ideas of division in order to learn and live in an integrated world. This involves helping students develop their personal identity and an understanding of how that relates to broader society. “Our school will be an intentionally diverse, welcome, and equitable learning environment reflective of the community we wish to see in the future, ensuring students will experience long-term success in their lives.”

Phillip was recently an administrator in residence and dean of culture at Yu Ming Charter School in Oakland, CA, where he focused on schoolwide culture initiatives and deepening the school’s programming around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Previously, he served as a teacher and school administrator within the Hawaii Department of Education, a manager of teacher leadership development with Teach For America, and a UnifiED Fellow with the Diverse Charter School Coalition. Phillip holds a bachelor’s degree in public policy, with a concentration in education policy, from Stanford University. He received his master’s in education, administration and leadership from Teachers College at Columbia University and a master’s in curriculum and instruction from the University of the Pacific.