Sarah Jimenez

“As I prepare to found and lead a charter school in the Los Angeles area, I’m driven by my mission to provide a responsive education, rooted in the foundations of English language arts and math instruction, that prepares students for high levels of academic achievement in high school, college, and beyond.”

Sarah Jimenez learned how impactful data could be when she joined Rocketship Education as a second and fourth-grade math teacher. Since then, she has made data-based instructional decisions that impact and push both students and teachers in her various roles. Prior to her work at Rocketship, Sarah spent five years as a second-grade teacher with Harbor Church Schools. Most recently, she was an Instructional Coach at ISANA Academies, helping K-8 teachers maximize the effectiveness of their instruction.

“We need schools that are designed to teach students how to rewrite their internal dialogue so that they believe they have what is necessary to be successful. Students need to understand that their futures are not fixed and that their achievements will be limited only by the strength of their resolve. School should be a place that enables students to recognize their unique knowledge, skills, and talents and then teaches them how to leverage those strengths to propel them toward their goals.”

Sarah received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Azusa Pacific University and holds a Master’s degree in Teaching from National University.