“I am well-prepared to found and lead a charter school because of my experience seeing inequity throughout my own education, and because of my work leading teachers and high-need students to achieve at the highest levels, making our middle school one of the most successful schools in the state of Texas.”

For Young Lee, equal access to quality education is personal. She is the child of immigrants to the U.S. and a first-generation college student. She understands deeply how important it is that students from all backgrounds and zip codes have access to an excellent school.

Young has distinguished herself as a leader by creating processes and systems to train and develop teachers who educate students coming from low-income households. She knows from experience that a well-run school can positively impact student outcomes in high-need areas like San Antonio. “We will build a school that fosters a culture of excellence, a school that holds both students and adults accountable for performing at their highest capacity. By consistently holding students to high expectations, they grow and learn how to focus and persevere to master complex content and skills.”

Most recently, Young was the Dean of Instruction at Uplift Williams Preparatory in Dallas, TX, where she previously served as Dean of Students, a science teacher, and a content lead. Young received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin.