BES Board Commitment to Anti-Racism

The BES Board of Directors is committed to combating racism in all its forms–interpersonal, structural, and systemic. We recognize the failure of society at large to adequately combat the injustices that Black and brown people face in this country. We welcome the renewed attention to issues of racial justice in American education and commit ourselves to advancing anti-racist work as individuals, as a board, and through BES as an organization. We are committed to the fight against racism and we embrace the ongoing, collaborative work it will take to make lasting change.

Therefore, we support the efforts of BES as laid out in its strategic plan, and additionally commit as a board to:

  1. Diversity: ensuring that at least 50% of Board members identify as people of color.
  2. Learning: participating in ongoing professional development on diversity, equity, and inclusion in education and for nonprofit boards.
  3. Impact: ensuring that BES resources are put to their highest and best use to further the anti-racist work of the organization.
  4. Accountability: holding the BES CEO and ourselves accountable for the metrics related to anti-racism in the BES strategic plan.