Found a School With Character and Equity at its Core

Given the longstanding inequities and racial injustice that have only been exacerbated by COVID-19, it’s more important than ever for school leaders to prioritize equity, justice, ethics, character, and well-being in order to support and protect our country’s most cherished resource: our children. 

While strong academic results are a critical component of an excellent school, BES believes that character and human development are equally as integral to preparing students to succeed in college, thrive in their careers, and lead fulfilled, meaningful lives where they have choices and opportunities. As part of the Build Track of the BES Fellowship, BES is seeking leaders who are particularly interested in founding schools that will be deeply rooted in character and committed to equity and human flourishing. These schools will have character development at the core of their models (rather than curricular or programmatic add-ons) and will be responsive to the needs of their communities. 

While we are open to these leaders founding schools in geographies across the country, we are prioritizing leaders who want to found schools in AL, AZ, TN, or TX. If you are inspired by the opportunity to build and lead a school focused on equity, character, and human development, we want to connect with you as soon as possible.

Schedule time to connect with a BES recruiter today.