Schedule of Upcoming Assignments

Welcome to the 2018-19 Fellowship

Below is a schedule of upcoming assignments, phone calls, and webinar trainings.
Materials for each session will be uploaded to this page three days prior to each training session.
Please bookmark this page and check it regularly to ensure that you have what you need to prepare for each session.

ActivityPre-WorkDeliverableDue Date by
5:00pm EST
15-Feb-18Charter School Board University Study GuideBoard Governance:
Pre-Work 01
Read Charter School Board UniversityAnswer study guide questions via
Survey Monkey
01-Mar-18School ElementsSchool Design:
Pre-Work 02
 Research high poverty, high achieving charter schools to identify common school design elements that lead to excellent academic outcomes for students across the country14-Mar-18
15-Mar-18Charter LawSchool Design:
Pre-Work 03
 Research the educational landscape of their proposed school territory28-Mar-18
29-Mar-18Charter LawSchool Design:
Pre-Work 04
 1. Outline 12 criteria that define a charter school
2. Define Authorized Public Agency under federal law and the purpose of charters within their state

3. Specify autonomies and specific restrictions for charter schools under their state’s charter school law
12-Apr-18Be the DreamSchool Design:
Pre-Work 05
Read Be the DreamCreate a list of 25 inspirational quotes from the text that speak to why you must do this work, why you must do it with uncompromising quality, and what it takes for more children to “be the dream”25-Apr-18
26-Apr-18Charter TimelineSchool Design:
Pre-Work 06
 Examine all steps and timelines within the charter application process09-May-18
10-May-18Charter Application TemplateSchool Design:
Pre-Work 07
 Using the most currently available charter application available from the local authorizer, create a new word template that captures exactly all headings, directions, and any checklists for completion into a word template22-May-18
22-May-18Introduction to Board ProspectingSchool Design:
Pre-Work 08
 Compile a list of 25 prospects using this
23-May-18Introduction to Board ProspectingBoard Governance: Zoom Webinar #1   
06-Jun-18Introduction to AvatureBoard Governance: Zoom Webinar #2 Use Avature to enter 25 additional board prospects 
07-Jun-18Online PresenceBoard Governance: Pre-Work 091. Review all training materials
2. Google yourself and see what you find. Is this the content you want people to see?
13-Jun-18LinkedIn Recruiter LiteBoard Governance: Zoom Webinar #4 Audit your online presence and edit LinkedIn profiles in accordance with the LinkedIn Guidelines shared during the call. 
21-Jun-18Communication via Avature  Create email templates to use in future Board communication 
11-Jul-18Communication via AvatureBoard Governance: Zoom Webinar #5 1. Build email templates in Avature and send email correspondence directly from the system for BES review.
2. Continue to familiarize yourself with sorting and filtering prospect lists to strategically manage your upcoming communication and follow-up.
12-Jul-18ProspectingBoard Governance: Pre-Work 11 Upload 30 additional prospects to Avature with skill-sets that have been identified using your first Board Governance assignment