Founding & The Future: A Note from Linda Brown


Friends, family, and supporters,


2 and ½ Decades; A Quarter Century; nearly a Generation; and so forth.
They all had a ring, a zing, a zap, a feeling of “… are you kidding, it has not been THAT long …”


I love coming to work. I love this job.
I love getting out of bed and knowing I am coming to BES.
I love seeing the difference that this work makes.


Here’s how the above-stated pattern changes:
I am making a move. I am transitioning out of the CEO position, with strong attachments
to every person, every project, every Fellow, and every problem.
I remain connected to BES as a member of our dedicated Talent and Recruitment team.


I welcome Aasimah Navlakhi, current Chief of Staff, into the best job in the world: CEO at BES.
BES is so fortunate to have Aasimah to look forward with.


Here’s where there should be shouts of joy and gladness, bravas and ‘you go girl’:
BES under new leadership is poised to take on strong and interesting new vantage points.
The future is exciting, bright, and dynamic.


Sometimes it’s right under your eyes. Or beside your hands.
Sometimes it’s directly in front of you.
Sometimes it’s just right there. Right there, smacko, big as life.
Sometimes it’s just the right time.
The perfect set of moments.

Linda Brown, Founder, BES