From Linda’s Desk:

By Linda Brown


Time. The scarcest and most valued resource we have in a society that quickly shifts into an always on, always connected stage of existence. Yet, a growing group of services is trying to get our attention, may it be for just a couple of minutes or even seconds.

Time. The one thing we cannot scale or elongate. Sure, we can try to get up earlier and go to bed late. We can stay connected on our commute, at the dinner table, or at the party. But there is still a natural limit. 24 hours is the maximum time we can allocate on any given day.

But every minute you allocate to one task isn’t available for another. Yes, you can multitask: catch up with the latest news on the radio while taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or having breakfast. But there are still only sixty seconds in a minute.

As a player in the education space, everyone – private tutor, app developer, or service provider –is constantly competing for attention from a population with an ever-decreasing attention span and an infinite supply of entertainment: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, MOOCs, Buzzfeed, cat videos. You name it.

So why should someone allocate time, their most valuable resource, to what you have to offer? What makes you worth their time and, in many cases, money? And once you have their attention, how do you keep it over the coming weeks, months, or years?

I think this might be one of the hardest tasks education providers are facing and will face in the years to come. Simply stalking learners on social media won’t be enough. In the end, education needs to be sticky, entertaining, community-driven, and, above all, worthwhile.

We at BES understand how precious every minute is, which is why we live by the term urgency. We also understand that those who want to grow and get better never stop learning. So today we launch the BES blog, where our smart and impactful leadership development team will share insights on topics ranging from effective operations and visionary leadership to the importance of coaching and the current and future state of education.

Thank you for spending some time with us on this blog which promises to remain informative, entertaining, and, above all, urgent.