Grades Are In!

By Tara Deonauth

At Building Excellent Schools, we measure what matters. Throughout the year, we collect and analyze data to measure the growth and achievement of our students, to fix what needs improvement, and to strengthen what is working. With 13 schools replicating and 15 new schools opening in fall 2015, our impact is determined by the academic performance of the 25,009 students in 95 BES schools.

Academic performance determines and drives the success of all aspects of a school. From RISE Prep Mayoral Academy’s inaugural kindergarten class of 48 students, to Democracy Prep Public School’s 17 schools educating 4,841 students, BES schools are raising the bar for academic excellence. In 2015, 76% of BES schools outperformed their districts in English language arts and 81% outperformed their districts in math. While the impact is tremendous, the need for excellent schools for underserved students is ever present.

As we build, grow, and sustain excellent schools we hold ourselves accountable to the crisp, exacting numbers of academic performance.

We are pleased to share these latest results with you. Click the image below to view the 2015 BES Report Card.