Repost: The role of a teacher is more than teaching a subject, it’s inspiring potential

This article on 2021 Fellow Mamie Howard originally appeared in the Denver VOICE on May 22, 2022. Photo credit: University Prep

One can’t underestimate the value that a teacher brings to the classroom. Knowledge. Experience. Encouragement. And, sometimes, it’s believing – even when students don’t believe in themselves. Mostly, it’s understanding that education is the path to achieving whatever one might dream of and helping them get there.

That’s what is happening at University Prep School in Denver. Mamie Howard, the principal resident, has been creating a unique environment that caters to successful learning. University Prep’s structure came together with educators, parents, and the community working together.

Howard’s journey into education began after her exposure to the court system, while she was working toward a law degree. She found that many of the underserved in the legal system failed to have the knowledge they needed to navigate the system. It was then Howard realized she could have a greater impact on low-income, underserved, and diverse populations, by becoming a teacher.

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