Repost: BES on Mitigating Bias in School Founding & Charter Authorization

This guest post authored by BES CEO Aasimah Navlakhi was shared on the National Association of Charter School Authorizers blog on June 1, 2022. 

BES has a long history of identifying and preparing excellent leaders to create and realize their visions for transforming education in their communities. Of course, the key to making their dreams a reality is successfully navigating the authorization process. However, getting schools authorized has been harder for some founders than it should be. We know because we, like many organizations, once held a narrow definition of success that inadvertently excluded voices that deserved to be heard.

Over the past several years, BES has undergone a strategic planning process that expanded our thinking and gave us a more inclusive perspective on what makes schools and school leaders successful. We’re sharing some key takeaways from our journey to support a more diverse group of school founders and models. We think these can also help authorizers better support great and innovative leaders who can create new, high-quality educational opportunities rooted in equity for all learners.

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