Repost: What School Leaders Can Teach Business Leaders

This article originally appeared in Real Leaders on December 21, 2021. Image source: Real Leaders
Written by BES Board member Charles Mitchell and BES Community Advisory Council member Chris Clements.


While this pandemic has not always brought out the best in many, we have been astounded by the steadfast leadership shown by educational leaders across our state and country.

Whether traditional public, public charter, or private, school leaders have adapted quickly and reinvented instruction with an entrepreneurial and service-minded spirit. While we all have had to pivot professionally, some of us have had the luxury of being able to work from home with ready access to technology, without having to ensure the mental health, nourishment, safety, security and transportation of hundreds of children… in a global pandemic.

We are business leaders who serve on the board of directors and community advisory council for BES, an organization committed to helping school leaders build, excel and sustain success and student achievement. Our work with them has given us a unique perspective on what it takes to be an effective school leader, and there are so many parallels to the qualities that we value in the world of business.

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