Shamaiye Haynes

Shamaiye Haynes is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and for the past eight years has considered the west side of Charlotte her home.  She is a community organizer and Project Leader for the Westside Education Think Tank.  She’s currently a member of the Bond Oversight Committee for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, a former board member for the Westside Landtrust, member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, member of the Black Political Caucus, an associate member of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Association of Educators and Founding President of the Thomasboro Foundation.  Her work centers around the improvement of education for African-Americans and other marginalized groups.  She believes strongly in the ability of the community no matter the social-economic status or race to identify and collectively solve problems.  Even with a full-time career in Corporate America, Shamaiye is a non-profit, visionary leader who brings a variety of skills to the community she serves in hopes to make a difference.  She loves her friends and especially family including her husband Michael and her children: Jamil, Khalil, Dysaijah, Xavier, and Maiye. Her mother has been a tremendous influence over her life and even as a grown up encourages her every ambition to improve the lives of all marginalized people.