Repost: CRT Law Undermines Texas Charter School for Black and Latino Students

This article by BES CEO Aasimah Navlakhi originally appeared in The74 on May 11, 2022.

At BES, we tell our school founders to expect that their path to authorizing a public charter school will be challenging and rigorous, but it shouldn’t be impossible because of politics. Yet for one San Antonio, Texas, school leader, that is exactly the case.

An erroneous outcry around critical race theory created more red tape for Akeem Brown, complicating the opening of Essence Preparatory, a school designed to celebrate the Black and brown communities who partnered with Brown to co-create it.

BES identifies and prepares excellent leaders to transform education in their communities. Brown is a 2020 BES Fellow, and we are proud to have walked alongside him in his remarkable journey to found Essence Prep, set to open in August 2022 serving students in kindergarten through second grade.

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