Wrapping Up the 2021-22 LENS Program

Congratulations to this year’s cohort on successfully completing the BES LENS program. We are proud of your growth and your many accomplishments. Whether you are leading a school, grade level, department, or program, you are having a profound impact on education, and because of you, students across our country are receiving equitable and excellent instruction. Continue to flourish in your roles – you all are capable of anything! Your schools, your communities, and your partners here at BES are thankful for you and your leadership, and again, congratulations!

Together in the work,

Aidin & Jabari

Fast facts about the 2021-22 LENS program:

  • 45 leaders across two cohorts completed LENS this year, representing 16 states and 31 schools. Of these, 12 schools were returning to LENS, and 25 schools were sending leaders to LENS for the first time.  
  • Roles represented in the cohorts included Instructional Coaches, Operations Managers, Deans of Culture, Academic Deans, Teachers, Assistant Principals, Principals, Directors of Operations, Grade Level Leads, Department Chairs, and Directors of Recruitment & Enrollment.
  • This year, LENS leaders engaged in a series of professional learning opportunities that covered a range of topics, including:
    • Grounding our work in equity so leaders can be more aware of their biases and move toward becoming actively anti-racist.
    • Engaging in courageous conversations about race, identity, and equity so leaders can identify and confront moments of injustice in their schools.
    • Identifying and interpreting data so leaders can make informed decisions about what shifts need to happen to improve outcomes for their students.
    • Diving into the strategic planning process so leaders can prepare for the upcoming year by making critical choices about curricula, programming, and staffing.

Congratulations to our 2021-22 LENS cohort!