Angela Lang

Dr. Angela Lang is a veteran educator who was born and raised, and now resides, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “My extended family has lived in Tuscaloosa for more than nine decades. I ultimately became a first-generation college graduate. My education allowed me to elevate my family from poverty. As an educator, I wish to pour into others what was poured into me while disrupting the current systems that do not affirm us as students and education leaders of color.”

Through the Build Track of the BES Fellowship, Angela will propose a school centered around helping students identify their passions and purposeful careers through an education model based on academic rigor, relationship-driven culture, and relevant learning experiences.

Over more than 20 years, Angela has taught at and led schools in five states, survived Hurricane Katrina while working in New Orleans, and was a principal in Tennessee and served at the Tennessee Department of Education. Most recently, she was a director at Pike Roads Schools in Pike Roads, Alabama, where she helped to open a K-8 school, followed by a high school, and established comprehensive career and technical programs.

Angela earned her Bachelor’s in history from Augusta State University, a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Supervision from the University of New Orleans, and an Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership from the American College of Education.