Nicholas Ditto

From a young age, Nicholas Ditto has always been passionate about equity and justice. Originally set on becoming a criminal defense lawyer to ensure under-resourced clients had access to quality legal support, his career path changed drastically after learning more about the US education system. He realized that he could make the greatest impact in the classroom instead of the courtroom. He firmly believes that all students deserve an excellent education and has spent the past decade working to make this a reality in the schools in which he’s served. As a teacher, he focused on creating a culture of achievement in his classroom and helping his students develop a growth mindset. As a school leader, he placed a heavy emphasis on setting high expectations for his teams, coaching and developing them, and holding them accountable for their results.

Through the Build Track of the BES Fellowship, Nicholas will propose a school in his community of Fort Worth that prioritizes a joyful culture of high expectations for students, provides them with a rigorous curriculum, and partners closely with families. He is deeply committed to creating a school that supports students in developing the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed for success in college, career, and life. “I am motivated to found and lead a school to continue providing proof points that all students can, must, and will achieve at high levels. I am excited to build a school from the ground up so that I can be responsive to the needs of my community, so that I can make instructional decisions that will propel my students to exceed academic expectations, and so that I can hire, develop, and retain a team of individuals who share my passion for ensuring that all students receive an excellent education.”

Nicholas was most recently the founding principal at IDEA Rise College Prep, where he led the school to an “A” rating from the TEA. Previously, he served as a principal in residence at IDEA Public Schools. Prior to this, he spent four years as a middle school and high school science teacher. He received his Bachelor’s in English and Film Studies from the University of Minnesota and holds a Master’s in Secondary Science Education from Arizona State University.