Rebecca Francis

“I have the utmost belief that every child deserves a quality education that will prepare them for college and a career. I have an internal driving force that is leading me to create a space that I wish had existed for my brother and me growing up.”

Rebecca began her career as a Behavior Interventionist, providing counseling to elementary, middle, and high school students and their parents in Antioch, California. During that time, she became an academic mentor before transitioning to the role of fourth grade teacher for a school in Oakland. She then took her career international, teaching English literature at the Livermore International School in Nanjing, China. Upon her return to the United States, Rebecca coached teachers, facilitated grade level meetings, and taught third grade ELA as a founding third grade teacher and grade level chair at Change Makers Academy in Vallejo, California.

Early in her career, Rebecca was surprised by the lack of leadership and culture at her school sites, reflected by poor test scores. To make the maximum impact for students, she dedicated herself to the improvement of school leadership. “If you demand excellence from children, you must explicitly teach and model each and every routine, procedure, and school-wide expectation for everyone in the building at all times.” Rebecca is excited to open a data-driven school with high expectations for students and adults alike in Houston, Texas.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Houston.