Jabari Peddie

As Senior Director of LENS, Jabari Peddie (he/him/his) designs programming, leads training, and coaches leaders to take on heightened leadership roles in their schools. He joined BES as a Director of Leadership Development, providing support to BES Fellows during their training year. Prior to joining BES, Jabari served as a school administrator and founding principal of one of the largest turnaround initiatives in Boston, MA, and was a teacher in Atlanta, GA for five years. He brings to the team a strong understanding of organizational strategy, school culture and design, and instructional and operational leadership, and is particularly adept at school startup and turnaround. Throughout his career, Jabari has centered equity in everything he does, and this follows him to the present day, now leading DEI work in both his personal and professional life.

Jabari earned a Bachelor of Arts in english and language arts from Morehouse College, and participated in the Media Sales Institute at Howard University. He also completed a fellowship through Boston College’s Lynch Leadership Academy, where he honed his skills at adaptive and technical leadership.