Taylor Gilfillan

Taylor Gilfillan
Taylor Gilfillan serves as the Director of Data Analytics at BES, bringing a blend of hands-on teaching and data expertise to the role. Starting as a high school science teacher with KIPP Houston through Teach For America, Taylor honed his skills in using data to tailor his teaching methods for individual student needs. Over the past decade, his career has evolved from the classroom to district leadership roles in Texas and Florida that focus on optimizing educational strategies through data analysis and accountable systems.
Prior to BES, his most recent role was as the Director of Data Analytics, Evaluation and Accountability with Alachua County Public Schools in Florida. He supported projects ranging from school rezoning to improving assessment strategies. His work has consistently aimed to make data-driven decision-making accessible and transparent, from the classroom to the superintendent’s office.

Taylor holds a Master’s degree in Data Analytics from the University of Houston-Downtown and a degree in Physics from Washington and Lee University. In 2021, he was invited to Harvard’s Summer Institute for Leadership in Analytics, focusing on professional development around data visualization, equity and ethics.

When he’s not making dashboards or analyzing educational trends, Taylor, originally from North Carolina, enjoys life in Florida with his wife and their trio of dogs. An avid cyclist, you might spot him on the road or in spin class.