Archives: BES Fellows

Adewale Oduye

Adewale Oduye (he/him/his) was raised by Nigerian parents in Brooklyn, NY. Through the transformative power of education, he

Re’Shawn Rogers

Re’Shawn Rogers (he/him/his) is all too aware of the inequities in the public school system that face students

Josh Pinto Taylor

Josh Pinto Taylor (he/him/his) was studying to be a city planner in Atlanta when his eyes were opened

Ken Miller

Ken Miller commuted long distances to school as a student, since it was a challenge finding an adequate

Christy McGowan

As a student, Christy McGowan (she/her/hers) spent far too much time in the principal’s office and struggled to

Hayden Lyons

As a national education consultant, Hayden Lyons has seen too many students underserved by their schools, leaving them